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Version 2003.03.17 changes:
Removed- James and Tanya (Made wrongs, never apologized... BULLSHIT!)
Added- Alison and Veronica
Updated- NJIT Friends (Adds mostly), Tran (Grammar error duh!), and Possible Lost Contacts


Jamie (Contact Lost?)-  Certainly one of the friends I'd find it hard to ever forget.  Hockey fan, likes playing computer games, and has a sense of humor.  The only thing that would make it better was if she was a New Jersey Devils fan.  I guess there's just some things I have to live with haha.

Elizabeth-  Oh man!  Another hockey fan and likes computer games.  I can't handle this!  Too many people that are like me!  And another non-Devils fan!  GIVE ME A BREAK!  Another friend I'd find it hard to forget as well.

Rachel P.-  ShopRite wasn't good enough for you huh?  Finally someone that knows that the stupid acting people should be harassed.  You know who I'm talkin' about haha.  Thanks for keeping me company in Italian class.

Vincent-  Listen fuzzy, don't you ever try and race my car again man or you're getting burned!  And leave the sarcastic jokes to me will you please?  Although there's definitely one thing I can take from you, "ughi".  See you around!  Good luck in Maryland!

Mr. Sabella-  Only teacher that's gonna make it in this profile.  My sarcasm is nothing compared to yours but please don't fail me in Calc!  (TOO LATE!)  Probably one of the only teachers at my high school without his or her head in the clouds.  Have fun with the red pen!

Christina-  The only one that actually has control over me.  When she tells me to shut up... believe me I listen.  But I really should thank you for all the good times at lunch and at other places.  Thanks so much for everything!  My adopted Italian sister for life and the best friend I'll ever have.  Lots of love forever!

Amy-  A girl I have talked to for a very long time now.  A friend from the start not to mention a good one.  It's been more than two years now huh?  A friendship like this is one I can cherish for a long time.  Rational thinker too, I like that in a girl.

Natalia-  I'd be an absolute fool to forget the original Italian Angel!  Sweet sweet girl that's been there for me through all the good times and through all the bad.  Thanks for everything, you're one of the best.

Tiffany R.-  Definitely one of the more level-headed friends I have, and thank god for that.  You're a great kid.  But thanks for talking to the not always so level-headed guy over here.  Hey, there's gotta be someone with radical ideas.  Don't ever change, Tiffany, never.

Dan-  Man this is the ninth year I'm stuck being a friend of yours haha.  Why the hell did you have to move to Virginia?  Oh well, we still got the net and all our games to play against each other.  Thanks for all the CDs you "lent" to me.  A Devils fan!  HELL YEAH!

Sarah-  Another one of my close friends that I've known for more than two years now.  I promise I won't mess your hair up anymore haha.  Support your favorite New Jersey Devils, you know how!  But thanks for your friendship, it's something I always treasure.

Dominick-  My guinea brother from Penn State.  Gotta get out there and enjoy college life and have a little fun.  Apparently, people with green Intrepids shouldn't fuck with him.  Expect somewhat frequent visits man, we're gonna rock NJIT and Penn State, guinea style!

Tran-  Not easy staying awake through Calc and History when the teachers practically put you to sleep.  Gotta be able to throw in an off-color joke sometimes to stir things up a bit.  Long live Miura's class and the current Professor Happy Pants's class.

Veronica-  What's better than going to NJIT and being good friends?  Seeing a cat get whacked on the foot with a ball-peen hammer that's what!  Tom and Jerry rules and CIS sucks, the story of our friendship.  One of the nicest people I've met at college so far.

Krystina-  This is someone who I think will be very very nice, but not a phony.  Ideally I like girls with a sense of humor, sweet and caring personality, an affectionate nature, and a love for having a good time.  So far, right on target.  I'm so glad to have met you!  DEVILS FAN!

Rachel B.-  Someone I've known a very long time, ever since I was 14.  Great kid would a good sense of humor, a sound mind, and a hell of a sarcasm routine.  You'd think she was Italian sometimes.  Welcome back, Rachel.

Amanda-  One of my Counter-Strike buddies, probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  It's good that she can be one to teach the already messed up youth of today this way they have a chance of straightening out.  Don't ever feel a need to change, ever!

Mircea (Contact Lost?)-  My Unreal Tournament bitch right here.  I now have a new computer, an AMD AthlonXP 1800+ will kick ass!  This way I can tear your ass apart!  Head Shot!  Killing Spree!  Rampage!  Dominating!  Double Kill!  Multi Kill!  You name it, I got it.

Danny-  Sup Jew??  Nothing's happening here.  Gotta get more practice so maybe you can join my Counter-Strike clan lead by the wise guy Italian over here.  LET'S GO DEVILS!!  Remember about the welfare at, it'll be the e-mail of the 21st century.

Jason-  Another survivor of the Calc II Honors group and a racquetball person too.  Another person involved in the serious of off-color jokes randomly told during Calc III and History and sometimes even Stat class.  Long live sucky teachers!

Adrienne-  Talk about your bearer of optimism.  This girl has one of the best dispositions I've seen in a while.  Musically inclined too, but just enough of that sarcasm to nail you down.  A New Jersey Devils fan and therefore a friend of mine.

Alisson-  We have a sister act going here.  Another musically inclined child, not quite as optimistic, but much more sarcastic.  More like myself in that aspect.  But like sister, a dedicated New Jersey Devils fan.  2003 will be the year the Devils get Stanley Cup number 3.

Alec-  How many times did I forget to add this character?  This guy is really cool, big computer boy.  Quite the ladies' man I've heard haha.  Oh well, a New Jerseyan turned Texan.  Have fun in the south man.

Candice-  A really nice person that will surely make a great friend in the long running.  Don't worry, I'll try and get down there this summer to see you.  A great sense of humor and a yearning for a good time.  Definitely someone I can get along with.

William (Contact Lost?)-  Another UT bitch of mine, and now a soccer and CompUSA bitch.  Be prepared man cause next time I'm in goal it won't be so easy.  I stoned you once on what seemed to be an easy goal so look out!  See ya.

Leslie-  Someone I knew a few years but really got to know this year and I'm glad I did.  A really nice girl but certainly not someone you want to tick off cause she will bring you down.  I admire that in a person.  Thank god she's on my side... I think.

Alison-  One of the best senses of humor I could ever come across.  I shoot out some of those most violent one-liners out there, all in kidding of course, and she just laughs at them.  Great friend, wonderful buddy for busting around, and another computer to fix.  Damn Compaqs.

Rachel T. (Contact Lost?)-  You can always remember 7th period gym class.  All the times we played softball and all the times we walked the track.  A great kid, that's for sure and thank god she's a Devils fan.  See you around!

Brandy-  I don't know why I always thought I had you in here.  Stupid me!!  One of the best dancers I've ever known and obviously she's going to make a career out of it.  I still want my match in Dance Dance Revolution!  I'm certainly ready, yeah right.

Gabriela-  I met you a long time ago at a Tae Kwon Do competition at my high school.  It was certainly fun and we had many conversations during that time.  I'm glad we still keep contact almost two years later.  Have fun!  Take care!

Chris-  Douche bag as I more commonly call him, one of my other buddies at NJIT.  I swear though, next time he offers a blow job I'm gonna jam my hockey stick up his ass.  I'm not fuckin gay man!  Another guinea?  That's a plus in my book!

Fatimah-  I would say birds of a feather flock together, but in this case this is an ostrich and a woodpecker.  Not very much alike but still good friends.  Combine a hockey fanatic, gamer, computer nut with a clubbing music lover and that's the odd couple.  Felix and Oscar beware!

Luciana-  Is it really possible that there is a girl that is EXACTLY like me?  This girl is pretty damn close.  She's certainly one of the nicest people I've ever met and very funny too.  You have to have a good level of sarcasm nowadays.  She's not my equal, but still close!

Samantha-  One of my best buddies ever from work.  I still can't believe how calm and cool anyone can be dealing with complete assholes.  Although I do on a regular basis anyway.  You better come visit me at NJIT cause I visit you at CompUSA all the time!  Take care!

Andrew-  Sunny, blondie, too god damn many nicknames to count.  Another buddy from school and work, but now he's in Albany.  I want my GeForce2 bitch!  And NO SUCKING COCK ON THE WEEKENDS!  Memories of the tech shop.

Jessica-  A new found friend with a great sense of humor and a yearning for a good time.  We always have a good time talking, it gets too funny and sometimes even just plain out of control.  But hey?  It's fun right, great to know ya new little sis.  Take it easy.

Courtney-  One of the few soccer players that I know, good thing I play goalie for hockey cause I don't want to face that shot from a natural striker.  The sport of Italians lives on in America!  After all, didn't we practically invent the game, even though we lose the World Cup every time?

Rich-  My roommate soon to be, crank up the DDR and let's get this party started.  Between movies, anime, PSOne, DDR, and all the computer games in the world, this won't be a boring semester.  Let the floor hockey tournament also begin.

Eric-  It's amazing how much CD-RW drives are a wonder in this world.  With programs like Alcohol 120% and CDRWin there's nothing we can't do.  My NJIT neighbor and a PSX fellow fan.  Bet you're glad to get rid of Sal right?

Mat-  The guy from across the hall with a supply of food no one could hate.  It doesn't suck anymore running out of food at school cause he's got some to spare.  By the way, CHEMISTRY BLOWS!  Just thought I'd mention that.

Lauren-  The Asian girl from the City.  I've known her a very long time and I haven't regreted one minute of it.  We talk, we laugh, and she's one of the best web page designers I've ever come to know.  Since I was 14 I knew that girl, good that some things never die.

Chad-  The archy dick that don't know a damn thing about hockey.  Rooming with Mat across the hall from me, he's another one with an endless supply of food.  Always I will remember the late night racial joke telling sessions where we just cracked up for hours.

CompUSA Friends-  It's been a wonderful year working with everyone at CompUSA in Parsippany.  I'll remember everyone.  (Including, but not limited to, Marc, Mike, Will*, Mircea*, Melissa, Parul, Sam*, Steve, all Bills, Ed, both Andrews, George, Vikki, Shahab, Fergie, and more.  * indicates separate entry)

NJIT Friends-  For all the friends I met at all the NJIT retreats and events all I can say is this will be one hell of a college life.  You guys are all awesome!  Thank god this will be much better than high school ever was.  Good luck to all and let the good times roll!  (Including, but not limited to: Shamik, Marc, Luciana*, Danielle, Sydney, Rich*, all three Daves, Mat*, Chad*, Tim, Steve, Chris*, Dan, both Pauls, all three Jays, "E", Jabeen, both Johns, Ivan, Marelis, Gerry, Veronica*, Krystal, Roger, and Eric*.  Yell at me if I forgot anyone. * indicates separate entry)