As a newbie programmer, I've used Visual Basic 6.0 to make a very basic version of Bullshit the card game for the PC operating system.  Read the readme.txt file for more information.

System Requirements:
Windows 95 or higher
Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Files Service Pack 5
160KB of Hard Disk Space
800x600 Resolution (640x480 will work but the Move Log will get cut off)

Playing Bullshit:
The object of the game is to play any cards you have that match the number of the card that is supposed to be played that turn. The game starts with the player that is holding the 2 of Clubs. If you don't have the card you're supposed to play, you should bluff your way by playing a different card as whatever the card is supposed to be that turn. Everything you're supposed to know is indicated on screen. You add cards to the Pile to Add by double-clicking them and you remove them from the Pile to Add the same way. You will be given the option to call "bullshit" on a computer player after they play their cards assuming another computer player doesn't call it first. Calling a "bullshit" correctly will force the player who bluffed to take all cards in the pile. Calling a "bullshit" incorrectly will force the player calling "bullshit" to take the entire pile of cards. The first player to get rid of all their cards will be deemed the winner.


Change Log:

Version 1.14 (04/10/2003)-
-Created Options Menu for Showing and Hiding Objects and removed them from File Menu
-Created separate Aggression Menu for Aggression Levels
-Made it so that only a single click is required to add or remove a card from or to the Pile to Add
-Pile Size is updated even after a player wins the game
-Changed way Bullshit is called on players bullshitting on the last cards in their hand
-Program now adds human player bullshit calls to Move Log

Version 1.13 (03/16/2003)-
-Adjusted CPU Players to better handle situations where a player plays 4 cards

Version 1.12 (03/14/2003)-
-Disabled End Game Command when game is not in progress
-Made Medium the default Difficulty
-Added Aggression to the Difficulty menu with Average being Default (More aggressive calls it more often)
-Small Cosmetic Changes once again
-Still show Difficulty Menu during game but disables options instead
-UPDATE (1.12a - 03/15/2003): Fixed serious bug where playing 4 or more cards at once would go unnoticed by CPU

Version 1.11 (03/13/2003)-
-Added Menu Command to visit Web Site
-Small Cosmetic Changes
-For resolutions below 800x600, the Move Log is now disabled by default

Version 1.10 (03/13/2003)-
-Added End Game Command
-Recreated the CPU AI players and made three difficulty levels

Version 1.06 (03/12/2003)-
-Added Pile Size and Option to Show or Hide the Pile Size
-More Minor Cosmetic Changes
-Fixed Minor Bug where Play Cards would stay enabled when Human Player Wins
-Changed ways CPU Info is hidden using a message instead of hiding everything

Version 1.05 (03/12/2003)-
-Many internal object name changes, doesn't affect game itself
-Clears Move Log after new game is started
-Made a few cosmetic changes (Bigger card list box and larger fonts some places)
-Game will not start automatically upon running the program
-Will not ask "Are you sure?" when starting a new game when one is not in progress

-UPDATE (1.05a - 03/12/2003): Fixed serious bug causing cards not being able to be clicked on

Version 1.04 (03/11/2003)-
-Fixed bug where final cards were not shown after someone won
-Added Option to Show or Hide CPU Info
-Removed Exit Option from File Menu (Just use the X on the top-right of the window)
-Moved Show Move Log to File Menu
-A few minor cosmetic changes

Version 1.03 (03/10/2003)-
-Enlarged Cards List Box so that 3 columns of cards will trigger a scroll bar instead of 2
-Allow more items to remain in the Move Log

Version 1.02 (03/10/2003)-
-Design Change (Made some items bigger and changed locations)
-Removed Deal Cards Button (Just use New Game in File Menu)

Version 1.01 (03/10/2003)-
-Added Option to Show or Hide the Move Log

Version 1.00 (03/09/2003)-
-First Public Release